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 Eyes Up Here: December Collection

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The Sexy Nibbles Series - Bite-sized, hot romances, hand-picked from my short stories on Patreon!

Candlelit - After a break-up text, a heartbroken businesswoman decides not to let her romantic catered dinner for two - or her smoking hot caterer - go to waste.

Crystalline - A man and a vampiress team up to save her people, but she lusts for more than just his blood.

Doors - In this post-apocalyptic romance, a healer and her bodyguard find comfort in one another.



Boobies are Birds: October Sampler

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The Sexy Nibbles Series - Bite-sized, hot romances, hand-picked from my short stories on Patreon!

Treat - A Halloween story about what happens when the little ones are away.

The Trade, Parts 1-3 - A fantasy with a sexy twist.

Argue (BONUS STORY) - A contemporary romance about coping with the past, and the sometimes unexpected ways in which we heal.


Thief - High Resolution - Version 2Thief in the Ballroom

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Lizzie doesn't have time for a prince. She's in the middle of the heist which will buy her freedom from her old life -- and maybe a little mansion on the side. All she has to do is keep her cool.

Easier said than done, when her unwanted Prince Charming turns up the heat.

Please enjoy this sexy retelling of Cinderella, the first of the Once Upon a Crime series of twisted fairy tales!



Coming Soon!

Alexandra Blake has finally put her life back together, and left her cheating ex-husband in the history books where he belongs. Her work at the children's hospital and teenage son are all that matter to her, no matter how often her hot landlord melts her with that burning blue gaze.

Retired chef and landlord Hunter Bennet has waited for Alexandra to let him in. When she does, even he isn't prepared for the way her hesitant touch tears him apart and puts him back together. But he isn't the only one after Alexandra.

When little disasters start tearing apart Alexandra's happy life, she'll have to find a way to face her attacker, or risk losing Hunter - and her freedom - forever.