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I've been working on a short story, a little different from my last book. I really enjoyed writing it, and I hope you'll enjoy reading it just as much.

It's called "Thief in the Ballroom," a twist on a classic fairy tale, and it's the first of a series of short stories in the same vein. Go get it here!

Also, check out this snazzy cover from Go On Write.

Thief - High Resolution - Version 2

I'm so excited! I've got more coming up soon, stay tuned! Or whatever the internet version of that is.

I finally feel comfortable calling my move "complete," although the task is never truly over, is it? The place is nice, but it doesn't feel like home yet. I suspect it will take some time. For now, I'll just enjoy the view.

Watched is finally published!

On to the next one.

Hi again! Just popping in for a quick update before I dive back into edits.

My short story, All Of You, is coming along well. I just finished creating the cover, and wanted to share.

All Of You

It's got a rose on it, because roses are flowers, and flowers grow from the ground, and the ground is the earth, and this story happens on Earth. Which is a place where romance stories are read. So roses = romance.

All of this is true.

Anyway! This short story will be complete soon-ish, and it's yours all yours if you sign up for my email list. If you sign up, I promise I won't sell your email address. Or spam you with a million weird ads for penis enhancement. Or use your information in any dark rituals.

Mostly because I'm not certain how to do any of those things. Give it time.

As the second self-imposed deadline blows past, I would like to take a moment to scream and hold my hands in front of my face to keep the angry scheduling wolves from tearing it off. These are of course imaginary wolves, because I think all of two people read this blog and both are my cats. The third cat can't read. Shame on me.


The reason I put off the publication date is because I want to offer goodies in my first self-published book under my own (pen) name! I'm giving away a free short story based on one of the characters in Watched. This awesome piece of wondrousness is available if you sign up for my super awesome email list! I'll deliver it to your inbox as soon as it's complete! Exclamation points!

But seriously, sign up for my email list. It's right there. Waiting.