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Short Story Cover!

Hi again! Just popping in for a quick update before I dive back into edits.

My short story, All Of You, is coming along well. I just finished creating the cover, and wanted to share.

All Of You

It's got a rose on it, because roses are flowers, and flowers grow from the ground, and the ground is the earth, and this story happens on Earth. Which is a place where romance stories are read. So roses = romance.

All of this is true.

Anyway! This short story will be complete soon-ish, and it's yours all yours if you sign up for my email list. If you sign up, I promise I won't sell your email address. Or spam you with a million weird ads for penis enhancement. Or use your information in any dark rituals.

Mostly because I'm not certain how to do any of those things. Give it time.

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